About Me – Robert & Jackie Holman

We have been entrepreneurs our entire lives, we have always been in charge of our own destiny. Since our retirement 9 years ago, we enjoy playing with our grand kids, travel and we now  have our own home based business.

I must say we truly love to travel this great country we live in, and when we’re ready to take  off we do just that, no planning. Our last trip this past spring we took off for the east coast by driving. We had no destination in mind, I asked Jackie my wife of 20 years, where we going? She turned on her tablet and started her search, and Pinehurst was our first stop, with just a few detours along the way. We traveled the Carolina’s, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia. On our 3rd week we where ready for an extended stay somewhere. Jackie turned on the laptop and found us a Houseboat at Cumberland lake in Kentucky. We stayed a week traveling around the lake, sleeping in a different cove every night.

I also love to play golf, after retiring I set my mind to get better and to play in our club championship. I reduced my handicap from 15 to 6 and 2010 earned the championship.

I’ve always been interested in online marketing and quickly learned I needed help with this one. I’ve always figured things out about my business’s before, but found I met my match with this online marketing. Like many of you, your up-line told you to just keep grinding your time is coming. But you felt maybe something was missing or left out and you didn’t feel the plan working. I failed multiple times trying to develop this new online mechanics. It wasn’t till I found a company to mentor me in the successful marketing mechanics in order for us to start making a profit on a consistent basis. 

Now we spend a few hours working  our business in the mornings and also helping other entrepreneurs grow their business’s.  I help struggling Network Marketers put down the phone, ditch the hotel meetings, and actually recruit people who aren’t relatives or who don’t live across the street. So if your stuck in your business or want to grow faster, we can help you prosper.

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