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The #1 Secret to Writing Winning Sales Copy

 “Boring is the DEATH of copy.”That’s a quote from Tim Erway, our CEO here at Elite Marketing Pro, and while it might sound a bit extreme, he’s not exaggerating. Because although there’s obviously more to marketing than putting on a show, there’s no quicker way to KILL your conversions than by boring your audience to tears. Simply put… If you’re putting […]

How to Turn Your Passion into Profits!

 How does $0.25 leads sound? What about $0.02 Likes? Or how about getting 150-200k ORGANIC reach on your Facebook posts? Sound too good to be true? Don’t blame you for being skeptical, but these are real numbers. And the key to these type of results is to tap into a passionate audience. Watch the clip below and Michelle Pescosolido will explain how just […]

[Attn.] Network Marketing Leaders – K.I.S.S

As Leaders in Network Marketing, we can all agree it’s about the system, process & duplication! Using the K.I.S.S analogy is also a critical key in the training we use to create that duplication. First I want to Congratulate all Leaders for their personal achievements with the companies you represent. We know the sacrifice you have made wasn’t […]

Do You Know This Person?

Susan is 40 years old and was recently divorced about 8 months ago. She has 2 kids who are both in elementary school. She use to be a stay at home mom when she was married, but now because of her circumstances she is forced to go back to work. Unfortunately she is not happy with her […]

The Seven Rules of Effective Goal Setting (& the Six “Blocks” Keeping You from Success!)

How much progress have you made on your business this year? Specifically, by what percentile are you growing (or missing the mark)? Not sure how to answer? Well, are you measuring your progress against a predetermined standard, such as your own personal goals? If yes, that’s fantastic! If, on the other hand, this is a sore subject because you don’t have […]

How to Leverage the 5 Fundamental Human Desires to Influence Your Fans & Followers

What’s the guaranteed way to make money in a gold rush? In their wildest fantasies, most folks believe it’s through panning a rich, gold-bearing river or striking an untapped vein of the precious metal—that’s just waiting for the bravest and luckiest prospector to “mint” themselves a fortune. But objectively speaking, you know what most people find at the end of their journey? Nothing but sweat, tears, and […]

Are Online Recruiting Strategies Compliant with My Network Marketing Company?

Are you worried that marketing yourself online will set off the “alarm bells” in your company? Well, today I’m going to answer the question, once and for all. And hopefully we can finally put this pesky conversation to rest. Because as entrepreneurs, we need to behave like entrepreneurs. And the real sticking point here comes down to mindset, believe it or […]