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Build It…And They Will Come

Build it and they will come…

Remember the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner? A farmer and family man who own a farm who loved baseball. He kept  hearing voices telling him to “build it and they will come”. When he took that leap of  faith and built a ball park in the middle of his corn field. People thought  he lost his mind, but Kevin believed in the vision. He put on the blinders and proceeded with his vision.

Relating to this to network marketing it’s really no different, you family and friends are going to think you lost your mind. You will be ridiculed and talked about behind your back. There are a few ways to build a network marketing business.

The Old School way of making a list of family, friends and bugging your neighbors till someone caves in and joins your business. This approach works but it’s an uncomfortable role for most people to follow, in fact most quit in their first 30 days.

I remember like it was yesterday, my 1st network marketing company! The products were great and could help so many people and the comp plan, I was going to get rich…everyone is going to join and solve so many problems…right.

I made my list, made my calls, invited all my family and friends to a meeting that would explain all. Everyone was coming, I told my upline to make room I was filling up  all the seats they had. 

The night of the meeting I could hardly control my emotions, everyone will join and we can help so many people. I called my list just as a reminder of the meeting so they wouldn’t forget. Then it happened, some started making excuses saying they couldn’t make it, other said they meet me there, some didn’t answer my phone call, they were just probably busy. 

Meeting Time…my excitement still very high with anticipation standing in the lobby of the hotel where the meeting would take place. Waiting…we were just minutes from starting and nobody has arrived yet. Finally you see a familiar face, you run to greet him and go inside. 

During the meeting I’m doing as instructed by my sponsor, agreeing with the presenter and being engaged. My quest seems to have little interest. After the meeting I introduced my quest to my sponsor so he could answer question and sign him up. But I start hearing “I need to think about it” and “Let me talk to my wife”. At the end of the evening I thought I would have signed up several distributors, but new that wasn’t going to be the case since I had only 1 of countless people who said they would come actually show up. And you guess it…he didn’t either. 

I soon realized this was the norm in network marketing, this was going to be a tough road to a 6 figure income. 

Over the next several months I did begin to see some success, new distributors were signing up I even won My Dream Car from the company, but soon realized all I was doing was looking for new people to engage and constantly thinking of ways to bring up my business to others. 

Another thing I realized in building my business friends and family were beginning to avoid me….did this ever happen to you?

Good News…I discovered a new way of marketing online and reaching thousands of people at the same time! This brings us option 2 .

Online marketing was a breath of fresh air I needed in order to continue in this field of network marketing. I was burnt out and disgusted of  years of rejection.

When you take your business online, instead of bugging family and friends. You will discover that Time Freedom you were promised in the beginning.  When you learn how to become the authority in your niche and learn to talk to your target audience (people interested and ready to buy). Your business will GROW. You will learn to give value and begin to build “Know Like & Trust” with your target audience. 

I hear all the time I don’t have any Time Freedom from my tradition marketers who still believe it’s Belly to Belly and 1 on 1. 

But since moving my business to online marketing using multiple strategies and taking full advantage of today’s technolgy I have the time to spend with family and friends. And guess what? I don’t even worry about talking business, I’m  there to enjoy the conversations where ever they may go. 

I’m no longer having uncomfortable and awkward conversations!

We have the blue print for your success and it was created by network marketer in the online space and have taught thousands around the world to create a Lifestyle Business. And it’s all built around “YOU”.  They created 6, 7 and even 8 figure incomes. 

Imagine building a business where people are asking you for your help in building their business. You become the Trusted, The Authority. 

So if you Build it…They Will Come. Imagine 10, 15 or even 50 people a day asking you for information on what your doing. I see it every day and you can too. 

Your success is just around the corner, so start the new year off with a bang. Our first 30 days led to over 400 red hot leads asking for information, which led to 21 new recruits and over 5k in income our first 30 days. And not one of those were anyone I knew. all total strangers looking for help. 

My Christmas gift to you is the same gift I received just over a year ago, so let me pay it forward and help you build “YOU” 

Build it & they will come.

Get your Christmas gift today and Merry Christmas

Robert Holman



Robert Holman - Senior Champion

Retired, Grampa, Senior Golf Champion of my Club in 2010 and helping fellow net-workers who are stuck in their business, become Successful again.

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