Home – Robert & Jackie Holman


Thank you for coming to my blog. I to was a Struggling, Frustrated
and Rejected network marketer. I was stuck in the Old School of marketing.

This was me just 1 year ago chasing the dream of network marketing.



Holding Private Business Receptions.
Building my team, driving all over the state.
Attending hotel, Starbucks meetings.



You know what I mean “Living the Dream” or so I thought.

I was doing everything my sponsors and upline was telling
me to do.

I’m sure you have heard these:

  • Reach out to all your contacts in your phone, facebook, twitter etc.
  • Just talk to 3 people a day
  • Invite people to meetings
  • It’s not Selling…It’s Sharing

Well, guess what none of that worked for me either.

Today I work from home a few hours in the mornings, or when I want to.

This is me, in my office working my Home Business.

  • No more travel
  • No more meetings
  • No more bugging family & friends
  • Simply engaging with people who want more


Now people are reaching out to me, instead of me chasing everyone with a pulse.
They are asking me what I’m doing and wanting information.

With this new strategy, I’m working less, but making more and so can you. In
fact we are having more success today than I’ve had in the last 9 years.

It all due to Attraction Marketing, where people reach out to you asking for more.

Let’s connect and move you into the 21st century, Leaders from all over the world
are learning the market is changing. So let’s get in front of the change and Prosper.