How to Duplicate Complex Skillsets to Quickly Grow Your Network Marketing Team – Robert & Jackie Holman

How to Duplicate Complex Skillsets to Quickly Grow Your Network Marketing Team

This article is a must read for any serious network marketer. My mentor Ferny spells out how to duplicate your business. These are the exact steps I use in my business and in fact our first 30 days we recruited 21 newbies and they duplicate the process and had some very successful results.  So enjoy the info and duplicate your business.

Robert Holman

The only way you can reliably scale a network marketing business, in a way that doesn’t consume your life, is by creating systems that can be duplicated by your team.

An issue I’ve seen over and over again with network marketing top producers is this…

They got into network marketing because they didn’t want the hassles of a 9-to-5.

They wanted more freedom.

They wanted time with their family.

But, once they hit six-figures, they have less and less time.

Plus, their income is proportional to the amount of time they’re putting into maintaining that income.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

And hint: you shouldn’t wait until you’re making six-figures to start creating systems for your team.

In fact…

You’ll hit six-figures a lot quicker with systems in place!

And if you find yourself feeling busier and busier, it’s a symptom of not having the proper systems in place to produce duplication.

Lack of duplication means your new recruits are:

  • Not producing results
  • Not implementing what they’re being taught
  • Not attaining what was promised to them when they joined the business

This is bad because team members who aren’t producing results will quit and attrition will devour your commission check.

Now, the challenge with team building is this…

Let’s say you’ve got a new recruit 25 levels down.

How do you impact that person?

Because chances are you’re probably not going to ever meet that person, or if you do, it’ll be very briefly.

So how do you impact a new recruit who’s 25 levels down?

You do it by creating systems.

The objection MANY top earners claim regarding building online is…

“That stuff is not duplicatable because it involves technology.”

These are “old school” people who built using the dated, belly-to-belly methods of network marketing.

They say…

“Something that’s duplicatable has to be simple and easy for people to do.”

But guess what?

That’s simply not true.

Look at sports!

Think of all the complex ways of playing competitive sports, which kids learn across the country.

In football, coaches have a white board with Xs and Os to show where players are going this way and that.

These are intricate plays that get very complicated.

Yet, somehow, we’re able to reliably teach kids to play football at a very competitive level with a high degree of skill.

We have kids playing baseball, basketball, soccer—and everything else—all of which are complex team sports.

And we’re able to consistently duplicate this across the country, without fail.

How is that possible?


It’s possible because of training and practice

These are fundamentally basic skills.

And through implementing those skills in a live setting, you create an environment for duplication.

Duplication doesn’t mean you teach somebody something so stupid simple anyone can do it.

That’s not duplication.

Duplication is not about what you’re teaching, it’s HOW you’re teaching.

Look, it’s not secret that…

Most network marketers struggle with creating duplication in their team

They try to train new people and nothing happens.

The new recruit says…

“Yeah, I get it.”

And then they do absolutely nothing.

Can you relate?

The reason is because there are no systems in place.

So if you’re ready to duplicate even the most complex of skillsets…

Here are the four steps required to create and practically ensure duplication…

First you need to decide which skills need to be taught and when.

Don’t overwhelm your people in the beginning with all the information they’re going to need to build their business.

You must decide…

At this point they’re going to be ready to learn “a,” and at this point they’re going to be ready to learn “b.”

You’ve got to plot it out, and create a clear blueprint for the development of the required skillsets.

Basically: at various points on the training timeline you establish, your recruit is going to be taught certain skills.

So that’s number one.

Next you create a process for implementing the individual skill you’re teaching at any given point in time.

“Do this first, and then you do this, and then you do this.”

You want to map those things out – step by step.

The problem with some networkers is that they’re naturally gifted at something.

For example, suppose someone is naturally gifted at prospecting.

They can prospect people, but they don’t know how to teach the process.

The reason why is because they’re naturally good at it, so they don’t have to think about it.

They know how to influence someone, gain their interest, and bring them to a meeting, or sign them up.

Unfortunately though, most people are not naturally good at prospecting.

And if the person who’s really good at prospecting ever hopes to build a large organization, they have to be able to break down the process they’re intuitively following, so they can teach it to others.

In fact, this was an issue when I started in network marketing.

I was good at recruiting, and I recruited quite a few people in a difficult business model, but I couldn’t teach my people how to do it.

I assumed they were doing it the same way I did and I had no idea how to break down what I did or how to train them to do the same.

So if you want to duplicate, you have to take the time to break down the required skillsets into step-by-step processes.

That’s number two.

Now that you’ve broken a process down into individual steps, you must produce the training you need to teach your team.

I recommend producing videos for most skillsets today, because you create the most leverage with videos.

People can watch them wherever they are, as often as they need to.

It’s an extremely leveraged, efficient, and instructive medium.

Here’s one of the things my mentor, the legendary Tim Sales, did for teaching offline building…

Not only did he decide which skills needed to be taught and create the process for teaching a certain set of skills, he also created a teaching environment, too.

So not only did he create training videos for his people, he also had live events where people could learn the skills and practice in person.

Finally you create the environment for them to practice.

Tim Sales—to teach cold calling—would sit across the table from the person he was training.

They’d have a list of names that they were going to cold call.

They took turns calling people while a few dozen people listened in to everything that was happening,

It was like Russian roulette with cold calling.

If there’s no answer, it doesn’t matter.

You already called, so the next person goes, and the next person goes, and they kept switching back and forth.

That skillset of cold calling is so difficult, and people were so afraid of it, so Tim created an environment for success.

That environment for success was essentially an intense level of accountability.

He’s literally sitting in front of you while you’re making the calls, and you had to keep doing that over and over again until you get comfortable doing it.

And not only do you get comfortable until you start having success—then you go into the next room, and everyone gets to analyze what transpired on those calls.

What mistakes were made, what went well, what worked, what didn’t work.

That’s how Tim Sales created duplication!

It wasn’t that cold calling was easy and duplicatable, in and of itself, but Tim created a safe environment for them to practice.

Eventually, they had to realize that they’re not going to die if somebody yells at them on the phone and there are plenty more people to call.

And that’s why…

An effective training environment needs to have some level of accountability

Otherwise everyone stays stuck and doesn’t implement.

To recap, here are the four things you need to create massive duplication:

  1. Decide which skillsets and when they’re going to be taught
  2. Create a process for developing the skillset
  3. Produce training that allows people to learn that skillset, whether it’s through videos or live events—training can be replicated in some way
  4. Create the environment for people to practice and be held accountable and to observe their results

Now, here’s a word of warning…

A lot of people will try to try to go light on accountability, saying…

“I’ll just learn by watching the videos.”

But they don’t want to be observed—they don’t want anyone making fun of them or they feel embarrassed.

So when they attempt and fail, or they get scared, they give up and say, “Oh, that didn’t work.”

Well, here’s the deal…

It didn’t work because no one’s holding you accountable!

No one’s giving you feedback.

You have to be willing to put yourself in an environment where you’re going to receive feedback and constructive criticism.

If you’re afraid of criticism, then definitely you need to get over it because that’s the ONLY way you’re going to improve.

So if you’re ready…

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And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!


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Robert Holman - Senior Champion

Retired, Grampa, Senior Golf Champion of my Club in 2010 and helping fellow net-workers who are stuck in their business, become Successful again.

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