Noah and The Ark…What We Can Learn As Network Marketers From His Experience. – Robert & Jackie Holman

Noah and The Ark…What We Can Learn As Network Marketers From His Experience.

It took Noah and his family 120 years to build the Ark.

Think about that for a minute….

Imagine what Noah and his family went through while building the Ark. They new what the mission was and all the details for building the Ark. Imagine what people where saying behind their backs and to their face. 

What are you building, and why, have you lost your mind, do you really think you should be doing this. The ridicule they faced, but yet they remained Focused and Committed to the task. They remained united and strong till the Ark was finished. Their faith led them to completion because they had the exact plan of what to do.

Now, ask yourself this question.

As a Network Marketer, what can I learn from Noah and how did he stay strong and committed for a 120 years?

Today’s networker, has less than a 5% chance of succeeding in this industry. They know going into business is going to take some hard work and commitment. But unlike Noah, at the first sign of rejection they begin to question themselves and the decisions they made. 

Your commitment is challenged by your friends and family, telling you they can’t believe you fell for this business and the promise made by your upline, have you lost your mind, your just throwing away your money. You drank the koolaide didn’t you.

Your core is shaken and you begin to doubt and then you quit on your dreams.

There is GOOD NEWS if you need a clear blueprint of what you need to succeed, so you can remain Focused and never have your friends and family question what your doing. In fact you wont even bother your family and friends. But they see you succeeding and they begin to ask YOU what is it your doing, how did you have such quick success in building your team and business.

Imagine a path to success that’s so clear and the mentoring to help you achieve your success. You will get the education and the path to success in order for you to remained focused and strong just like Noah. You will become bullet proof and become an authority in your field.


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