The #1 Secret To Cold Market Recruiting – Robert & Jackie Holman

The #1 Secret To Cold Market Recruiting

In my first 30 days of using a radically different approach than what I was taught. I got 400 red-hot leads and I personally recruited 21 people into my business. I did it ALL from home, which is the whole point of having a home-based business (that you do it from HOME). And I’m going to show you how I did it.

However, first let me say that these results are a far cry from where I was before.

In fact… none of us in the image were having any true success before we learned this radical new strategy and just a few short months later we all had a new and thriving business.

We all received Top Producer Awards. We had no idea what just happened, I just followed the training and took action. I guess you could say we all took action on what we had learned about Online Marketing. We discovered how to market online using social media placing ads, and the best part are ads were FREE!

Do you want to know my secret on how I generated 21 recruits in my 1st 30 days…using nothing but cold traffic. Listen to my short video below. Then we will Dive In to the nuts and bolts.

Now you can have the time to build a Home business without worrying you don’t know enough people who will be interested, or who’s going to watch the kids while you go show the business. That is the beauty of working Online, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s a HOME BUSINESS!

Let me share an interview I did while in Vegas, with my personal mentor Ferny, CMO of EMP. We talked about what is and is not duplicatable about Offline vs Online Marketing.

But first let me share my story, it’s probably much like yours. When we joined our company we were excited about our product and the opportunity before us. We plug into the system and followed our Upline training, making a list of family and friends, doing 3 way calls with our Upline inviting everyone on our list to business opportunity meetings, home parties, meeting at Starbucks etc.

We quickly found that our family and friends were not as excited as we, and they just were not interested in what we had to offer. After running through our list, we asked our upline “okay whats next.” And I remember like it was yesterday, they told us to make a new list! I asked “why waste my time doing that, they said NO the first time.” And He said this “ No doesn’t mean No, it means not right now build your list again.”

So I did and we found our family and friends started avoiding us, not taking our calls. So now we began to question our decisions about what we were doing. Self doubt, lack of confidence and rejection became the norm.

I told my Upline it was time to change our marketing approach. I had faithfully followed my Upline for 6 months and only recruited 8 people. This clearly wasn’t working for me, something needed to change. He quickly told us that this way worked for him and many others. To just stick it out and stay plugged into the system and things will begin to change. I asked “that’s it…this is your marketing, just rinse and repeat the same thing that doesn’t work, that makes no since”.

I told my upline I was going to research some new ways of reaching out to people, with today’s technology there had to be a much better way. He became some what defiant and told me I would have to follow his training or he would not help me. That the training worked, just plug into the system and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

We parted ways and I began my search for a new marketing plan and I found it 6 months later. An educational company that had actual proof of helping thousands of network marketers turn their business’s around, in fact exploded their downlines. A stay-at- home Mom, Julie, personally recruited 270 people and duplicated that strategy with her new people. For every person she recruits they bring in 30 new reps from this duplication.

With this new strategy, once I put it into action I couldn’t believe it at first. Our first 30 days we generated 400 red hot leads and recruited 21 people. Individuals around me began to take notice and asking me how I turned my business around.

I said Social Media! When you put these strategies in place, you will have people reaching out Daily to YOU asking “Please send me some info”.

The 5 biggest takeaways about using this strategy is this…

  1. You never have to worry about leads again – 10 to 15 new leads a day
  2. No more bugging Family and Friends – Never again
  3. No more questions “is this a pyramid”? – Not 1 time have I been asked this
  4. No more hotel meetings, home parties etc. – Never again
  5. I saved the best for last… I have a Home Business…not an Away Business

So if your open, I want to share with you for free, the same 10 Day Online Recruiting Video Bootcamp, that changed my business. This will give you red hot leads everyday, and will easily grow your team and duplicate over and over.

Duplication, how important is this…

Now for my interview I had with none other than Ferny Ceballos a 14 million dollar producer in his personal business, and has help thousands more create 6, 7, and 8 figure incomes. We were at No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas. Please excuse the background noisy.

Ferny drops some NUGGETS about 4 minutes in, so stay tuned.


You can stop Bugging Family and Friends, get rid of your agenda

and build YOUR HOME BUSINESS so pickup my free offer TODAY! My free 10 Day Online Recruiting Video Bootcamp and Ferny will personally walk you through the Bootcamp.

You must ask yourself, what would 5 new reps in your business do for you?

How about 21 like I did in my first 30 days, what would that do for Your Business? Pick up our 10 Day Online Recruiting Video Bootcamp now, and it will be in your inbox in minutes from now. 


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