The Art of Story Telling in Network Marketing…Connecting Heart & Mind – Robert & Jackie Holman

The Art of Story Telling in Network Marketing…Connecting Heart & Mind

If you master the art of storytelling, you’ll be unstoppable in network marketing…

Telling of stories have been around since…the stone age, it work then and it works Today.

Telling individuals something regarding yourself and hearing them reflect their comparable encounters is such an ordinary piece of everyday discussion that a great many people barely acknowledge they’re master storytellers.

  • Consider what’s going on:
    what I tell you regarding myself triggers something in your psyche about yourself.
    You open up, you relate to my experience, you reverberate, and you remember my story.
    We’re interfacing at a passionate level, heart to heart—and you quickly put aside the typical defenses.

This same procedure unfolds when you recount your story to a prospect or a gathering. In case you feel a little awkward with this essential routine with regards to our profession, you just need to be you & unwind a bit! You’re a master storyteller. Now make it work for you, and your business. Deliberately create your story, discover approaches to keep it new, and remain watchful for new stories to include as you go.

Many individuals feel their story isn’t sufficient unless it’s an astounding rags to riches thriller. This is what I know: regardless of what your story is, it’s sufficient. On the off chance that you as of now have a winning record, and you show the what, when, why, and how of it as blueprint others can mirror, then that’s sufficient.

Or, on the other hand, in case you’re simply beginning, your story is your present life circumstance, your why for picking this business. It’s about the advantages you’re accepting or anticipating. You have expectation and vision. This pulls in similar individuals to you.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of where you are on your network marketing venture, your story gives the individual that personal connection to you, the expectation, and the genuine motivation individuals need, require, and even long for.

The parts of any story are, struggle, choice, and solution. What was your circumstance? What made you settle on such-and-such choice? What was the outcome or what result do you anticipate? This doesn’t need to be advanced science. Keep it straightforward.

Think what is the problem-solution. Your story innately contains solutions and lessons for your group. It likewise contains chances to overcome objections even before they come up and to ease fears. “I feared talking with individuals until I understood I’m giving people hope and a solution to a problem.” “I never would have considered this sort of business until it actually change my life, I became hopelessly empowered to help others.”

Think new. Be a gatherer of stories. Search for new stories constantly. What’s transpiring with a colleague at the present time that could profit your audience? What stories would you be able to accumulate from other leaders in your field. What abundance of stories would you be able to reveal from individuals of network marketing who have just entered the network marketing space? Search for the genuine individuals that can rouse your prospects about getting started, about how network marketing has changed lives, and about the potential this industry can bring.

Think analogies. They’re the enchantment that makes a story or a key point essential. Search for analogies in nature. My most loved similarity about prospecting, enrolling, perseverance, and persistence is: “There is a sowing season and a reaping season—and they are not a similar season. You never know when the harvest will come. You simply need to continue planting.”

The most ideal approach to begin? Do what needs to be done! Or as my on of my early mentors use to quote “Just Do It.”  Mix your story with enthusiasm. How? Basically remember it just as it was each time you tell it. The more you talk it, the more compelling you and your story will become.

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