WOW…Look at what Facebook just did – Robert & Jackie Holman

WOW…Look at what Facebook just did

Check this out…

Facebook just publicly announced they’ll be shaking things up, as far as what shows up in people’s newsfeed.

And guess what?

It doesn’t look like it’ll benefit entrepreneurs. In fact looks to me Facebook just told entrepreneurs…if you want to play on FB platform your going to have to pay. Pay to Play

Mark Zuckerberg basically said…We’re going to show more status updates from friends and family, and LESS posts from businesses and brands.

Wow… talk about biting the hand the feeds you. This will definitely hurt businesses who are heavily depending on reaching their audience through their Fan Page.

But fear not, Facebook isn’t that dumb.

They still have to pay the bills and keep their shareholders smiling, by bringing in profits.

And that comes from paid advertising.

So while they’re cutting off the oxygen for business related posts’ organic reach, you can still continue building your empire with Facebook ads.

In other words…

You’ve gotta pay to play.


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If you’re not sure exactly how to do it…

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Talk soon,


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Retired, Grampa, Senior Golf Champion of my Club in 2010 and helping fellow net-workers who are stuck in their business, become Successful again.

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